At TuffCycle, we make furniture and homewares. All our products share one thing in common, all the materials we use are reclaimed, re-purposed, recycled or off-cuts. We know there is a lot of potential in the excess materials which people discard once they've been used for its primary purpose. We aim to create a new life cycle and new products using the quality materials available. All our products are made in Sheffield by hand. Below are the products currently available in our shop.

TuffCycle is a Social Enterprise, all our profits go to help run our community projects in Sheffield.


Solid Oak Chopping Board

Using the wood across the grain allows for a large, smooth surface, perfect when preparing, serving or displaying food.

Find out more about how we make our solid oak chopping boards.


End Grain Oak Chopping Board

We use the end grain of the wood making it extremely durable and long lasting whilst being easy to clean and maintain. Using the end grain also helps to protect your knives from dulling.

Made To Order

Reclaimed Wood Scaffolding Dining Table or Office Table

Reclaimed Scaffolding Dining Table or Office Table