TuffCycle Loves: REACH Homes

REACH Homes are a non-profit social enterprise based in Sheffield that converts shipping containers into affordable housing solutions. Since opening their prototype home on Richards Road, Heeley City Farm in January, REACH Homes have gained substantial interest from the public. After presenting to the UK Steel Enterprise judges last month, they have received a further £10,000 investment and have an ever-growing waiting-list of potential buyers. 

REACH Homes' prototype home, Healey City Farm

REACH Homes' prototype home, Healey City Farm

"We're trying to do housing a different way and tackle the problem of affordable housing," says Jon Johnson of REACH Homes. "This is my solution." 

With prices starting from £35,000 for studio flats, REACH Homes are far more reasonably priced than conventional new-builds. They are also environmentally conscious; REACH recycle materials and experiment with eco-friendly methods, such as using the cotton from jeans for insulation. 

We love up-cycling here at TuffCycle, so we think REACH’s converted living spaces are a stroke of genius. 

Under the difficult housing climate, we look forward to seeing more of these projects springing up around Sheffield. Make sure to like REACH Homes' Facebook page and follow their website for more information about their upcoming projects and events.

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