How we make our solid oak chopping board from off-cuts

Our handmade wooden chopping boards are made from solid oak off-cuts sourced from local joiners in Sheffield. Originally destined to become bespoke kitchen worktops, we take the pieces that are too small for work surfaces and turn them into beautiful items for your kitchen, creating a new life-cycle for materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

We inspect each piece of wood for defects such as knots and splits as well as for any features which will enhance the final product. We especially look for wood grain and colours which when the chopping board is complete will add to the final look. Any defects are removed before using the piece of wood.

Watch our video below to see the making process.

Here's how we make our solid oak chopping board from offcuts. Enjoy! Buy on Etsy ► Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ► TuffCycle is a Social Enterprise, find out more about what we do on our website.