TuffCycle Love: Save Our Sandwiches @ Sheffield Students’ Union

In a bid to tackle food waste at the University of Sheffield, a group of bright-minded students came up with the idea for Save Our Sandwiches. The concept was to save surplus food on campus from being thrown away when it was still perfectly edible. Save Our Sandwiches began collecting food in 2015, running daily collections from the union cafe, Coffee Revolution. Now volunteers collect surplus food across the campus, and redistribute it to those in need. 

On Friday, or “Day Zero”, Save Our Sandwiches run a zero waste initiative. They collect all the surplus food on campus and take it to the Salvation Army on Charter Row. 

Save Our Sandwiches have a collaborative Facebook group of over 600 members, where volunteers schedule their collection times and post potential pick-up locations. A Wellbeing Cafe has also been set up in the university to tackle the issue of food wastage. The community cafe runs on a PAYF (pay-as-you-feel) basis, focusses on welfare and offers a place to socialise without cost constraints. 

We love how the students behind Save Our Sandwiches have shown initiative and have been able to provide thousands of meals to those in need at zero cost, while tackling the issue of food waste.