Crisis report one in ten of us have been homeless.

Of this one in ten, a fifth say they have been homeless in the last five years. Yet, despite this, the issue of homelessness is still so often ignored and pushed to the corners of public consciousness.

A briefing paper for the House of Commons Library, Statutory Homelessness in England, 20 December 2016, acknowledges that the "ending of an assured shorthold tenancy" is the most frequently cited reason for homelessness. Other root causes such as unemployment and family breakdowns, can mean that homelessness continues to be a pressing issue within our society.  

Due to a shortage of affordable housing, governmental reforms and rising rent, homelessness has become a frighteningly possible reality for many of us. Losing your home can be extremely isolating; it negatively effects a person’s confidence and general well-being. 

Crisis' latest findings show that homelessness is an ever-increasing problem. Statistics show that 9,140 households were living in temporary accommodation in England by the end of 2015 - a 44 per cent increase since 2010. ‘The homeless monitor: England 2016’, reveals that authorities find it especially hard to support and provide "meaningful help" to single homeless adults with complex needs. Here at TuffCycle, we aim to give this support to our participants and make an impact on homelessness in Sheffield. 

Our project focuses on three things: work experience, employability skills and creating opportunities…

Work Experience - We give people the opportunity to develop their work-related skills, such as time management, team work and completing projects. Most importantly, our participants build confidence and begin to see employment as something that is realistic for them. We hold woodwork and furniture-making workshops as a vehicle for this development. The products made within the workshops can then be sold by the makers. The process aids the development of both creative and entrepreneurial skills and gives the participants a source of income, which may be spent on interview clothes or course fees.

Employability Skills - We build these skills by offering holistic support, from CV writing and application guidance to interview techniques. We find out people’s skills and interests and enable interactions with employers, breaking down perceived barriers.

Creating Opportunities - We seek real world work placements for our participants when they feel ready. These placements give them further opportunity to develop and showcase the skills they have developed with us.

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