TuffCycle and The Wosskow Brown Foundation

Having received vital support from various businesses and individuals during their conception in 1989, Wosskow Brown is an organisation that intimately understands the need for organisations to receive support in order to realise their potential. In having reached their 25th anniversary as successful Wosskow Brown Solicitors, the organisations’ partners decided to exemplify and expand their commitment to supporting local communities and individuals by proudly launching the Wosskow Brown Foundation. Via the structured program of this not-for-profit, charitable foundation, Wosskow Brown are demonstrating their commitment to providing support to businesses, charities, social enterprises, sports clubs and individuals in the business community of South Yorkshire.

Driven by altruism and the firm belief in a holistic approach to client support, the Wosskow Brown Foundation is determined to work with the help of ‘partners’ and the business community in Sheffield to support the growth and development of 100 businesses, 100 charities and social enterprises and 100 grassroots sports clubs within the five year period of 2015-2019. In so doing the #WB100 aims to realise its main goal of providing ‘practical help, inspiration, and opportunities for people to reach their ambitions, in a way that changes people’s lives for the better, improves their community and economy, and creates jobs.’

As the client testimonies of their current beneficiaries prove, the #WB100 project’s programmes of 20 hours free support and networking seminars and lectures have already been providing practical help to individuals and organisations seeking to develop and realise their ambitions as successful enterprises.

TuffCycle is delighted to be part of #WB100’s second cohort of beneficiaries and are already reaping the rewards of the Wosskow Brown Foundations’ supportive commitment to improving organisations’ strength. After an initial meeting we have so far benefited from a one to one business support session and a marketing seminar with John Batty, the content services director at Airship. Here, the Wosskow Brown Foundation demonstrated their desire and ability to connect their beneficiaries with experienced entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who, in the case of John Batty, are willing to go above and beyond with regards to the information and one-to-one advice they provide.

To find out more about The Wosskow Brown Foundation, see their website: The Wosskow Brown Foundation.